Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the dead of winter...

It is freezing outside. Literally. It has been overall a moderate winter, they say, but for me it is frigid. I prefer to live between 50 and 80 degrees. Clearly I am living in the wrong region. Still, at least for another 24 years or so, I plan to be here.

So in the meantime, this Sunday, I layered up my UA ColdGear, laced up my tennis shoes and put on some gloves and a hat and headed out for a very cold 6 miles. Lesson learned: need to wear a second layer on the bottom for temps under 30 degrees and probably a 2nd pair of gloves.

Had a bout yesterday with a GI bug that has been going around work, so I skipped out on my group run last night and will probably do something light this afternoon at the gym. Feeling a lot better but still want to take it easy.

Goals for this week: Reign in my eating; do more lifting; do my 7 mile run on Saturday since I have to work Sunday morning and I will again miss my group run.

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